Many people, when they hear the words “food poverty”, think of Third World countries and rarely of their own country, let alone their own community. Sadly, it does exist. In fact in Scotland, one in ten people are food insecure. Nearly one in five (18%) people living in the most deprived areas reported having been worried about running out of food due to a lack of money or resources in the previous 12 months. Families living in poverty face impossible decisions; whether to pay the rent, heat your home or put food on the table. Food poverty in the UK is now regarded as a public health emergency. 

Eat UP is a registered Scottish Charity (Charity No: SC048548) helping local people and their families struggling with food poverty. In our first 10 months, Eat UP provided over 4,200 meals within, Renfrewshire and Glasgow areas with zero funding.

What we do is we provide a link between supermarkets and other sources of food to a number of local groups, churches and community fridges and foodbanks. We have did all this with no support financially form any funding source. Its purely good will and determination to help people unconditionally. 


Our aim: to end food waste and help in the relief of food poverty by collecting and distributing excess food to organisations that feed the hungry.


a) Collect food donations, through contract arrangement with Fairshare, Neighbourly and supermarkets Tesco and Marks and Spencer. Also, independent many stores, markets, restaurants, wholesalers etc.

b) Distribute donated food to organisations that give it out to people in need directly, e.g. Community Fridges, Community Groups, Students Association of the University of the West of Scotland, Red Cross and many more. c) Ensure a continued and sustainable supply of food to meet the demands of the local community by expanding our supply chain and improving methods of collection and delivery.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. For many years now I have given my time to various good causes, helping people and communities all over the world. I found it frustrating that my own community people were struggling. The level of deprivation had gotten so bad that some areas were within the the top 5% of the most deprived areas in Scotland. Despite the UK being the 7th richest country in the world, millions of families are living below the breadline and food poverty is on the rise.


There is much talk about deprivation and food poverty, locally and nationally, but sadly little action is being taken to address the problem, people going hungry within our community don’t need empty promises they need food.

This spurred me on, to bring together some like-minded individuals, academics, business people, professionals and volunteers, all from within our community, to work on a project that could alleviate this deplorable situation. Everyone contributes their various skills to the mix and together we aim to make a difference for the greater good of the community.


Our results thus far have been outstanding and we are making a real difference, but we have only just begun. We realise that to achieve our goal and make it sustainable we must include the whole community: the people and the businesses; making our efforts mutually beneficial. That’s why we created the “Community Angel” scheme, to give back to those who give to us. The “Community Angel scheme makes giving reciprocal, so everyone benefits and more importantly the community as a whole benefits.



Best regards

Tommy Reid

One of our donations from Marks and Spencer Silverburn and one of our drop offs at the Star Project in Paisley
In 2018 we provided 4,275 meals to people in need. We managed to do this with zero funding, just the goodwill and determination of volunteers.
Meals equivalent provided to people in need so far
kg of CO2 savings
The amount of meals we aim to provide in 2019
kg of food collected

Comparing 2018 to 2019

How much our work in 2018 cost
Ideal funds injection in 2019 for expansion

The break down of ideal funds for 2019 / 2020

To Hire Four Staff
Storage, Office and Administration
Funding and Income so far 2019
Amount raided so far
Web Designer 2%
Van amount so far
Closer to a new van 5%
Your generous contribution will help us get more excess food to those people in need.
If you would like to donate to eat UP by bank transfer:
Bank Name: Royal Bank of Scotland. Account Name: Eat Up
Account number: 15991412 Sort code: 832106
Please add your name as reference so that we can identify your donation.
Donate and support Eat Up to help strengthen the charity and creating a stronger future for Eat Up by raising

Norrie McDADE








Marks & Spencer @ Silverburn, Pollock

We are proud to be working with Marks and Spencer, Pollock, to reduce their food waste and help the local community. The staff at the store are really getting onboard with the issue and have been very supportive. Good food, that would otherwise be thrown in the bin, has been distributed to community fridges and foodbanks in Glasgow and Renfrewshire.

Tesco Express @ Renfrew Road, Paisley

We have a great relationship with Tesco and collect from a number of their Tesco Express stores and Supermarkets. A regular  supply of good food, that would otherwise be thrown in the bin, has been distributed to community groups and foodbanks in Paisley, Renfrew and Glasgow.


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